Half a Million Gross Profit Wholesaling Probate Real Estate | 2021 Marketing Optimization | Probate Mastermind #309

Recorded Live on January 07, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

Cold Calling Vs. Direct Mail: Best Strategy? (1:32)

Tim is looking to optimize his marketing strategy. What are All The Leads users having the most success with: outbound calls or probate letters? The coaches discuss pros, cons, and best practices.

Calling Probate Leads With A Surviving Spouse (12:17)

Barbara is looking for some conversational language/script advice to use while cold calling probate leads where a surviving spouse is listed as the estate administrator.  Bruce breaks down an elevator pitch, short introduction that covers all the ways an agent or investor can provide value to a surviving spouse. 

How To Get Started With A Limited Budget (19:05)

Cornelius is looking for the most dollar-productive use of marketing dollars. Cold calling is your best tool if you have more time than income right now.

B2B Marketing in the Probate Space (24:18)

Dana is interested in marketing to senior living centers.  Bruce is going to make this his 90-day sprint project to refine a mail campaign and calling script for marketing to this type of leads.

Earon Bevans Shares His Wholesaling Success With Probate Real Estate (30:58)

“It’s been the best source of business we have!” Earon Bevans shares his experience working probate real estate leads over the last half a decade.  Wholesaling out of Texas, Earon and his father have made probate leads the bread and butter of their business. Earon also shares specific feedback on using the All The Leads approach and how using tactical empathy has made probate a breeze. “Half a million gross profit in assignment fees using AllTheLeads.”

Squatters, Evictions, and No Trespassing?? (38:08)

Sue is looking for insight on squatters: How to prevent them, and how to navigate evictions when someone has squatted successfully

Establishing your Credibility During A Cold Call (41:28)

Kathy is navigating her marketing funnels and is prioritizing credibility.  She wants the people she’s marketing to through email and mail to start recognizing her, and thus become more likely to pick up the phone when she’s making calls. Bruce offers advice on conversational language to use when handling objections about credibility and experience.

Commercial Property and Probate Real Estate (51:01)

Federico and Jim discuss commercial property and probate real estate.  What’s the likelihood commercial property is involved in probate? What do the deals look like? How can you find commercial real estate opportunities without relying on probate case filings?

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