Overcoming Common Probate Objections and Going For the CLOSE | Motivating Sellers With Distressed Property | Probate Mastermind #303

Recorded Live on November 05, 2020

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Call Re-cap:

Going For The Close and Getting The Appointment: Cold Calling Tips (00:50)

Danny is making good progress with his cold calling: He’s having good conversations and building better rapport; the leads are willing to talk about the real estate.  However, Danny isn’t ready to push for the face-to-face appointment on the same call.  Chad and Bruce share the sales techniques that work for them in closing the call with a listing/acquisition appointment set

Handling Objections: We Want To Sell, But Our Attorney Says…. (6:11)

Danny is working with a family that is willing and has the power to sell the property. They’ve gotten their letters of testamentary and selling makes sense to them.  However, they keep defaulting back to their attorney, saying the attorney has told them they shouldn’t sell right now.  How can Danny overcome this objection? Bruce gives advice on combating the objection without making the personal representative feel combatted.

Motivating Sellers With Distressed Property (9:49)

Christian is working with someone who was initially agreeable to selling for a cash offer or possibly fixing the property and listing it. However, it seems as though she’s gotten cold feet. What can he do to boost her motivation?  Jim and Bruce break down the situation further, probate for some possible pain points, and walk Christian through how he can bring the seller’s motivations/pain points to the surface.

Handling Common Objections In Probate Cold Calls (17:52)

Christian is getting hit with the common probate objections: We already have an agent, my attorney’s got it handled, and I’m doing it on my own.  The coaches break down the psychology behind each objection and offer techniques for overcoming them.

Voicemails, Contact Rates and Best Time For Real Estate Phone Prospecting (25:47)

Kathy asks about leaving voicemails in the instances where a lead doesn’t answer the phone.  Bruce discusses call frequency and how to alternate between leaving and not leaving voicemails to get a better chance of callbacks.  Kathy and the coaches also discuss if it’s worth calling people who have closed probate and people that keep hanging up the phone.

Pros and Cons of Calling Probate Leads That Don’t Show Real Estate (31:13)

Tim is an investor using Probate Plus+. Should he be interested in calling probate leads who have no inherited property, or have already listed or sold the property? Bruce discusses how to find opportunities in probate leads without real property as well as how to segment and prioritize your prospecting.

See More: What You Miss by Scrubbing Your Lists: Probate deals that aren’t on probate property lists

Book Recommendation: Exactly What To Say (38:47)

Caller shares some recommended reading/listening on sales phraseologies. Bruce shares how to get a PDF version free online and notes that you’ll learn about 27 phrases to use in a sales pitch.

See More: Cheryl Pinto shared a PDF of this book on her site

Using A Letter Of Intent to Overcome Objections (39:49)

Caller is brainstorming a way to leverage letters of intent to overcome seller objections where the seller wants to sell, but is leaning on their attorney to solidify the decision.  Caller outlines what he would so and Jim shares his experience with doing exactly this with success. 

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