Lead Generation Through Probate Real Estate | How To Create Your USP | Probate Mastermind #295

Recorded Live on September 10, 2020

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

Lead Generation Through Probate Real Estate (00:20)

Rosie Hayer shares an update on what she’s working on. She asks for advice on getting consistent with outbound dialing for her probate campaigns.  Bruce shares real estate cold calling statistics on contact rates and conversions from his own experiences.  Chad shares insights on building the discipline to generate and nurture leads productively through probate prospecting.  Bruce and Rosie also discuss Robin Sharma’s 90-90-1 method

Rosie is a great role model for Putting It Into Practice.  Make sure you’re part of our Facebook Mastermind Group All The Leads Mastermind to see her content production and updates in real time.  Chad issues Rosie a challenge to take the content creation she’s already done (impressively!) to capture 6 winning customer testimonials.

What To Do When A Prospect Hangs Up On You (or, tries to) (18:18)

Danny is learning to handle the common cold call objections, but he wants to improve his rebuttals.  Most importantly, he wants to get people interested in taking his call instead of trying to hang up and get him off the phone.  Chad discusses how to disrupt a prospect’s habits to accomplish this.

Marketing to Probate Leads That Are Waiting For Their First Hearing  (26:07)

Josh specializes in probate in Los Angeles.  He prospects every day in the morning.  Courts opened back up at the end of June, but a lot of the new filings won’t have their initial hearings until January.  Since Josh is contacting these prospects now, before they have their first hearing and get their letters of testamentary, how can he improve his conversations and stay top of mind? Chad lays out multiple ways to ask the write questions, have the right conversations, and offer value the other people calling these same prospects isn’t.

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  1. Our Probate Attorney Said We Can’t Sell Until Probate is Closed!
  2. Call back in ___ days or ___ months.

Real Estate Business Structure: Should I Set Up A Separate LLC? (36:31)

Caller says his broker suggested setting up a separate business entity for the probate side of his business.  Caller is only practicing from the brokerage side and is not doing any investing.  Caller and his broker are looking to protect themselves from any liability over the vendors a probate lead might contract at their recommendation.  Chad discusses real estate business structure, different ways to structure your real estate business, and how to leverage umbrella policies when establishing a separate LLC isn’t necessary.  If you have a net worth of over $140,000, you should certainly have a personal umbrella policy to protect your assets. 

Caller was motivated by David Pannell’s latest interview.  After taking Probate Mastery, he has updated his USP and is diving back into probate leads.  Go get it!!

Try This FREE Real Estate Prospecting Idea (46:22)

Federico and Chad discuss a free way to win more phone conversations and get out to the probate property.  If you use this trick early in the process, any time the personal representative visits the property they’re going to think of you.  Listen now to hear this simple trick.

Real Estate Value Proposition Examples: Find the Best USP For You  (53:20)

Caller and Chad run through a summary of different value propositions to offer probate real estate prospects.  Chad lists different examples, then describes how Caller can map out what USP to offer to solve any given problem.

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