Probate Mastermind #258

Recorded Live on December 26, 2019

Need help with a short-sale? Jim’s wife Pam Sullivan has done over 2000 short sales and can help with any short sale from start to finish, without taking from your commission.  Let us know if you need help with a short-sale by emailing support@alltheleads.com.

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • “I have a friend that’s an agent”
  • Finding a deal when a property is already listed
  • Staying accountable in 2020

Call Re-cap

4:09 Bud Thomsen joins us to share his turn-around story. He had a rough start to 2019 in general, but just had the best month of his career thanks to All the Leads.  These deals involved Come-List-Me calls from one round of mailbox motivator, referrals from probate attorneys he worked with in the past because of All The Leads, and in general the knowledge he’s garnered from All The Leads coaching through the years.

7:15 Bud has also gotten referrals from an estate sale company, but none converted to listings.  Now he’s looking to educate them on how to present what he does. Chad and Bud discuss how the estate sales partner can build up excitement for their clients to work with Bud.  Find out how they are referring you: Are they referring others as well?  Bud is going to start equipping them with his tri-fold brochures.

12:59 Jim shares his feedback after 150 accountability coaching calls.  Jim emphasizes the importance of balancing new prospecting efforts with referral relationships from your Sphere of Influence – You want both sides of your business to be strong and active!

14:11 Chad discusses “The Big Leap:” There’s a valuable lesson in knowing what to commit your strengths and time to.

19:13 Steven Carney and Chad discuss setting personal goals for 2020, and how to balance personal goals with business goals.

27:10 Joe Lehman got a letter over the holidays from a lead he mailed back in October and November.  The lead seems to be a bit confused about the transfer of property.  Joe seeks advice on how to respond.

35:39 Roxy calls in and shares her experience getting started with the probate program, falling into a slump, and then pulling herself out of it!

38:51 Roxy asks: For follow-ups, how can I respond when someone tells me they have a realtor friend? Chad gives advice on handling this objection.

50:45 Roxy has a lead who she hesitated to call and lost the listing agreement for two properties to another agent. However, this agent doesn’t seem like she’s the best suited to help the client, who is dealing with a mortgage that’s upside down and needs to make money through the estate sale.  What are Roxy’s options for doing the right thing?

59:39 Myra has been hiding from making calls. She recently started dialing and is getting it done! Great job! Myra asks about frequency for calls and letters.

1:04:55 Caller is an investor looking for advice on approaching probate leads as he begins prospecting. Check out the resources listed above to learn how to introduce yourself without boxing yourself in as just an agent/investor/wholesaler etc..

1:08:48 Tom from Pennsylvania asks about follow-ups during this time of year.

1:11:50 Chad and Tom discuss customizing a probate website to make sure calls are directed to you and not your office line.

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