Probate Mastermind #257

Recorded Live on December 19, 2019

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • Investing In Yourself On A Budget.
  • What Attorneys Want From a Business Relationship With You.
  • What to Do When A Personal Representative Passes Away During Probate.

Call Re-cap

  • 2:30 Renee joins to share her thoughts on using ringless voicemail in areas where probate leads have a good amount of competition.
  • 6:48 Myra asks for advice on working with attorneys – What should I include in my proposition to them to motivate them to work with me?
  • 21:14 Steve joins us to discuss balancing investment and financial security. Chad, Jim, and Steve discuss plans for self-accountability and some of the best mentors/books on the subject.
  • 29:15 Cheryl was working a probate lead, but the personal representative passed away and now his estate is also in probate.  How can Cheryl approach the new heirs? Chad discusses strategies and conversational language for working with multiple siblings who are in disagreement.
  • 38:55 Edwena is looking for operational advice: How can I split work between myself and someone else? How can we maximize the virtual ISA we are using?
  • 46:02 Belinda asks for more information about what was on the postcards Giacomo was using to get the response rate he’s getting.
  • 48:29 Giacomo jumps in to share his postcard strategy!  He has a number of different postcards. His probate postcard just lets the seller know we can sell the property in as-is condition, no work or stress needed.
  • 56:15 John “I Love You” joins to share his advice on why you shouldn’t be intimidated by an attorney (‘I am one!’) and how to get over your fear of failing.

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