Probate Mastermind #252

Recorded Live on November 07, 2019

Congratulations to both of last week’s Winners of the Week! Richard Eaton got THREE Come List Me Calls in ONE day; Gary went above and beyond to resolve a client’s tenant-occupied headache, and he won two listings because of it!

Today’s Top Real Estate Discussions:

  • Segmenting Your Cash Buyers List and bird-dogging from a brokerage standpoint
  • Working pre-Probate without direct solicitation
  • Getting motivated, following through, and knowing when to ask for help

Call Re-cap

3:05 Joyce Arnston Morris follows up from last week to let us know Jon Erik Fraker (Probate Attorney in California) reached out to her and gave her great advice.  She is using his advice to help her client move forward.

6:00 Ryan Gamble just graduated Probate Mastery and is looking for advice on building a cash buyer’s list. He remembered us mentioning something on a previous call, which was Chad’s Buyer’s Premium strategy.  Chad discusses how Ryan can build out his strategy for cash buyers.

7:25 Chad discusses investment strategies: Segmenting your cash buyers list and bird-dogging from a brokerage standpoint

13:19 Sandra Smith from Buckley, Washington is diving into Probate in a new county with lazy realtors. Find that Blue Ocean, Sandra!  Sandra also asks about working death notices, as she is a volunteer EMT. Chad discusses how Probate filings signal people are ready to take the first steps to start dealing with the estate.  There is business before the probate filing, but we recommend using a referral network instead of directly soliciting business.

18:45 Donna Hastings from Clearwater, FL shares her success story since her Roleplay call a few months ago.  She’s gotten two listings from calling her probate leads, she’s getting a ton of responses from her direct mail, and she has 4 people in the pipeline she’s pretty certain of! Donna tweaked her scripts, was solid in her approach, and she’s killing it!! Congratulations Donna. She will return with her ROI when she’s done closing.

29:30 Donna Hastings describes how the probate niche is looking to be one of the most lucrative niches in the shortest time, with so many intrinsic rewards as well.  She’s also only getting a partial lead set each month, in a very competitive market. Her conversion rate is great!!

32:03 John Ortiz in Texas is working on a tax-delinquent property that’s also in probate.  There is no will filed, but it’s suspected there is a will somewhere. There has been no probate filed yet. Chad discusses a course of action.

38:14 Janet jumps in the queue and says she’s struggling with building rapport over the phone.  Chad and Janet discuss.

52:50 Janet is doing well with attorneys, though! That’s awesome!

53:45 Mike from Cape Cod is about to get started. He is asking about combining the ISA service with his own prospecting. Chad says no matter who is calling to make contact, the agent/investor should know how to have the conversations.  Especially in the beginning when you have more time available, jump on the phones and get your feet wet and get our ISAs to help you when you get busy. Mike also asks about direct mail.

58:03 Brian Silvestri from NYC just lost a prospect to another agent the lead’s attorney referred them to.  Any advice for changing his mind? First step is to find out if a listing agreement has been signed. If not, build your own value without dragging the other agent through the mud.  Chad describes some tricks for demonstrating your expertise.

1:09:30 Karee from Georgia just took Mastery in October and describes how she was able to do some research and help a family save their house and how rewarding this was.  Karee asks, what do you do if the family member in charge isn’t moving forward to get the estate probated, while other siblings are paying the taxes? All they need to do is petition the court and get the letters of testamentary. Chad challenges Karee to go with the petitioner so she can learn the probate court process as well.

•Jim notes that you can teach people about real estate but you can’t teach enthusiasm, and Karee has got that!

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