Probate Mastermind #196

Recorded Live on September 27, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Subject property is over 2 hours + away…does it make sense to go that far away? In some cases, you may want to find an agent that you can do a standard Referral. You still need to qualify the situation with the parties to understand the need. It may still be a good opportunity for you.
  • Arthur is using an auto dialer…how do I best represent myself when making these calls. You should focus on the PR and use their name “Hello, I am trying to reach Mary Jones” Role plays calls can help. Using the auto dialer and ATL tools have streamlined the process and he already has 3 leads and interviews.
  • Diane is new and she has seen some PRs are showing as Banks or other Wealth Management institutions. It is still good to market to these PRs and establish a relationship.
  • An attorney using our system and finds the system very helpful. In process of getting real estate license. How best to position himself as an investor, agent and attorney to the PR? Having all backgrounds is a great advantage. Focus initial call on the need of the family. How can he best position himself to other attorneys? Focus on the values you are providing to the table for the probate attorney and the family.
  • Mandar…first mailer out and lady called saying she demanded to speak to his broker and the PR was very upset. Broker does not like the current letter, so change to a non-direct letter sample that is more general farming mail. How successful are people with historical leads? Less than 2 weeks in the program and the system is working well.
  • Kay…new user and likes videos and tools. She has had success and has first listing. Got a very negative phone call and how best to deal with it? Listen to some role play calls and do not take it personally…throw humor back.
  • Janice….what auto dialer do you recommend? We have relationship with Vulcan 7 and a direct interface as a good option. There are several dialers in the market but a single dialer is much easier to use.
  • Rob…sent out mailers and made calls. If I get a soft not interested do I keep marketing to them?
  • David…has historical leads and should he use the same letters as used for newer leads? Consider the Probate Options letter as an option in those cases.
  • Been getting leads for a few months and using CRM. Not getting good results to date. What should be our conversion rate? 2% up to 6%+ in most markets…do not get discouraged. Do not focus on the leads that do not need your help…there are still listings within your leads. You can put things on auto pilot if needed. How about marketing to attorneys more?

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