Probate Mastermind #191

Recorded Live on August 23, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Success story: How a new subscriber in a competitive marketplace got a listing just doing a partial campaign. She has declared probate as “my new niche”
  • Discussion of including estate planning attorney (his wife) in marketing.
  • If a cross-reference shows a sold property in the probate case should you still market to the family?
  • Mary shares a success story of emailing probate attorneys with a 50% response rate!
  • How to deal with immediate hangups when prospecting?
  • Joyce shares her success getting 30% response from probate attorneys and asks what she can do better
  • Tom is just getting started but already has a listing appointment. He just picked up the phone and took action even before mailing. Now what?
  • Scenario: $180k condo that’s underwater with IRS liens, mortgage, etc. What’s the best way to handle it?
  • A new subscriber is having trouble getting his broker’s approval on letters without completely changing them. What should he do?
  • Collette shares her experience closing a probate property with an IRS lien to help the previous questioner. She tells how they handled the lien in this transaction to get the deal closed.
  • Ellen shares how she was able to turn a $32k IRS lien into a $6k tax return for one of her clients.

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