Probate Mastermind #155

Recorded Live on December 14, 2017

Call Summary:

  • Tell me about your ISA calling service again…
  • How to handle probate clients in pre-foreclosure
  • Can you list before probate is closed? How do you address it in the purchase agreement?
  • List in the name of the estate or the Executor?
  • Arthur shares his stats so far: 100 leads = 10 good conversations and 3 distressed properties that are VERY motivated.
  • How to sign up for ISA services
  • Closing a probate early by obtaining a Fidelity Bond
  • How to gather data on your own
  • How to handle the listing appointment when all parties are out of town. 3 options for a virtual listing presentation.
  • How to spot the deals with no heirs
  • How to exclude leads before mail and calls go out
  • How long until I make money using the ATL probate system?
  • How to consistently follow up with your probate attorney network

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