Probate Mastermind #131

Recorded Live on June 22, 2017

Call Summary:

  • We announce a new lead source
  • A new Subscriber shares his stats from his first 100 calls. Key observation: he took action immediately and is pleased with the result.
  • An agent just getting started asks how to handle the business side of vendor referrals.
  • When to make calls after letters drop
  • We clarify the reverse mortgage/short sale scenario discussed earlier
  • Sam updates us on a rare situation she uncovered, how her relationship with another PR allowed her to cool her down while the house is listed, and she shares a success story about how she landed 4 listings after chasing a PR for weeks….AND the last known address was an apartment.
  • Back to the reverse mortgage without equity scenario…we discuss the possibility of buying the note
  • One last pass at the reverse mortgage topic.

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