Probate Mastermind #117

Recorded Live on March 16, 2017

Call Summary:

  • A new Subscriber admits call reluctance and how he beat it and we discuss why LOW value properties can be HIGH value listings.
  • Sam shares yet another success story! They have been prospecting for 3 months and have taken 2 listings with 3 more in the pipeline. Follow up is the key to their success so keep on calling!
  • Wally shares a great “come list me” success story from Southern CA. We also discuss how 83% of sales occur between touch 5-12 and why the fortune is in the follow up.
  • A new subscriber talks about his visit to the courthouse and we discuss what goes through probate and why.
  • RJ shares his experience as an estate planner and gives insight on last question. We discuss follow up and marketing sequence and why court appointed Administrators/Fiduciaries can be easier to deal with.
  • We discuss what letters to send and how it works.
  • Should you write your own letters or use the proven letters?
  • Finding out which attorneys in your market have multiple cases each month.

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