7 Real Estate Podcasts to Check Out In 2021

by | Jan 4, 2021

Start 2021 Right With Some Of The Best Real Estate Podcasts

Everyone starts the new year with bold ambition and a really big drive to do something bigger and better than the year before.  Podcasts have become a centerpiece in both entertainment and education, and real estate podcasts offer advice, structure, accountability, motivation, and so much more to budding real estate professionals.

If you’re on AllTheLeads.com, you’re probably already familiar with our interactive podcast, Probate Mastermind. You can check out previous episodes or join us when we record live in our Facebook group All The Leads Mastermind, but for now, we’re going to share some real estate podcasts, big and small, for you to bookmark and listen to this year.

In no particular order, here are 7 of my favorite real estate podcasts with high-quality content, engaging guests, and hosts that want to see their listeners become their own success stories!

The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast
Real Estate Disruptors
Real Estate Rookie Podcast | Bigger Pockets
Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching
Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z
All In Real Estate Podcast
‎Hack the Entrepreneur with Jon Nastor

The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast

Best For: Real Estate Professionals looking to drive success through data.

Hosted By: Aaron Norris and Sean O’Toole (Property Radar)

Aaron and Sean, occasionally joined by expert guests from companies like Redfin, SquareFoot, and more, discuss industry trends, data-driven sales, and entertaining stories. Their goal is to make you smarter every episode.  If you’re already a fan of Property Radar or are looking to earn your ‘Real Estate Techie” badge, this one’s for you.

Real Estate Disruptors

Best For: Wholesalers and Investors Looking to Do 5+ Flips, 10+ Wholesalers a month.

Hosted By: Steve Trang

Big-time guests like Max Maxwell, Pace Morby, Sean Terry, and more share advice for people looking to get started and scale from the ground up.  Cut the learning process as Steve Trang and guests discuss their business models, creative strategies, and community support.  Steve’s goal is for his listeners to become guests one day – How’s that for an accountability challenge?

Real Estate Rookie Podcast | Bigger Pockets

Best For: Individuals looking for their first, second, or third deal.

Hosted By: Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson from Bigger Pockets.

Every wednesday, Ashley and Tony share tips, tools, and roadmaps for budding real estate investors.  Whether you’re just aiming for a modest portfolio or a new career in real estate investing, this podcast is a perfect place for those wondering how to get started. If you’re a fan of the All The Leads Probate Mastermind format, this podcast also features one-on-one interactive coaching and Q&A!

Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching

Best For: Daily Listeners Looking For Practical, Tactical Real Estate Tips.

Hosted By: Tim and Julie Harris

Top Real Estate Coaches and Best Selling Authors Tim and Julie Harris publish daily to keep listeners motivated, consistent, and accountable.  Tim and Julie deliver real estate tips and tricks in a fast-paced, practical way.  If you’re the type to need a little podcast with your morning coffee, Tim and Julie’s daily presence will surely get the real estate juices going.

Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z

Best For: Experienced Investors looking to get started with Commercial Real Estate Investing

Hosted By: Steffany Boldrini

Steffany shares her successes and lessons learned as she pursues commercial real estate investment deals.  This podcast covers advanced techniques for purchasing, operating, and exiting properties (such as retail, office, self storage space, and more). Guests join Steffany to mastermind and share tips for excelling with different asset classes, as well as some of the obstacles and crazy stories that happen at various properties.  Such nuanced and specific stories will help you become well-equipped as you navigate the commercial real estate space for yourself.

All In Real Estate Podcast

Best For: Real Estate Entrepreneurs Looking To Scale

Hosted By: David Morse & Joe Quattrucci

Top real estate entrepreneurs join David and Joe to share how they became powerhouses in business and in life.  You’ll get a look behind the scenes into some of the greatest accomplishments in real estate.  David and Joe are dynamic individuals and they bring great energy to this podcast. If you know you have potential and just need to take action, this podcast is one to bookmark.

Hack the Entrepreneur with Jon Nastor

Category: Entrepreneurship 

Hosted By: Jon Nastor

Case studies, insights, and advice on building and growing a successful business – with no filter. This energetic podcast is packed with nuggets and motivational stories from guests who have built their businesses from the ground up.  Real estate is your business.  This podcast will help kick your momentum into high gear.

We’d love to hear about your favorite podcasts or podcast episodes, and plenty in our audience would, too! Drop a shoutout to a podcast below!

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