Divorce Leads – Coming Soon to a County Near You | Probate Mastermind Episode #377

Recorded Live on May 12, 2022

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

The coaches start the meeting off with general updates and discuss upcoming divorce leads as well as system changes currently being made for a more effective lead system.

09:30 Introducing Divorce Leads

Tim briefly discusses the addition of divorce leads to go along with pre-probate probate leads. Along with the new leads comes new marketing material from All The Leads to help get started.

14:20 Advice for Converting Leads 

A new subscriber would like some advice from the coaches on how to go about converting prospects to clients more effectively. Bruce touches on the importance of consistency when it comes to direct mail and calling leads as well as in following up and touching bas with prospects to see if anything has changed since first contact.  

20:30 Funeral Home Relationships

Does it make sense to market anywhere outside of directly to personal representatives? It may not be the exact same type of marketing but building relationships with funeral homes and assisted living facilities can be very effective when building relationships and expanding your reach. Let them know you are more than just an investor and you help with problem solving through the whole probate process. Have a few brochures to give to them and tell them if they run into anyone you can assist to contact you.

25:50 What are the Tasks of a Probate Attorney?

A caller asks the coaches to pinpoint the specific tasks of a probate attorney and how to best approach them when building connections. The coaches go into detail about the paperwork and necessary court documents that are usually subject to the need of a probate attorney as well as the tasks they need done and how you can assist while they assist you and the personal representative.

28:50 Notice of Proposed Action Process

Eric from California asks the coaches how he should work out the process of Notice of Proposed Action while dealing with a prospect that is on the fence about signing any paperwork to get the process moving. The coaches go over the use of this process and how to effectively overcome obstacles that may arise around the process.

36:30 Is My Mailing Campaign Working?

Bruce takes some time to encourage the listeners and subscribers to try their best when forging business relationships that help make them a one-stop-shop for clients for any of their probate and estate planning needs. The more you are able to offer in regards to all the steps of the process, the higher chance there is of being picked over the competition while creating more possible revenue streams for yourself other than estate sales.

42:10 Is Individual Mailing Worth It?

A subscriber has been going about marketing to her leads in a way in which she would like to send individual follow up mail after making contact through a call but would like to know it is both possible and effective. Tim briefly discusses the cons of attempting to mail individually and touches on its negative financial impact in the long run.  

45:20 Pre Probate Relationship Building Strategies

The coaches go over some relationship building tips when calling pre-probate leads. An important aspect that differentiates pre-probate calls from probate lead calls is the desired outcome of the initial call. The goal is to gather information instead of trying to convince the prospect to do something they are not ready to do. Build rapport and show the prospect you are actively listening instead of treating the call like a sales pitch. Use the information and trust that has been built to follow up later on and see if anything has changed with their plans.

53:40 Pitching Early in the Probate Process

A caller asks which pitch type is better to start with when going after leads early in the probate process. Bruce explains the pros and cons to each pitch type but ultimately suggests gathering information and working on building a relationship with the PR and following up later on in the process.

57:00 Interested in Divorces Leads?

All The Leads will have slowly been rolling out divorce leads to a few counties as they work on fully integrating divorce leads into the system to be available for all subscribers soon.  Contact All The Leads for any current leads that may be available in your county and look out for news and announcements as the divorce leads begin to roll out.

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