Evolving in a Competitive Market | Probate Mastermind Episode #372

Recorded Live on April 07, 2022

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

The coaches welcome the large number of callers we have on this week’s call and share general updates. The updates begin with information about the changes to the conference call system coming in the near future due to recent technical difficulties. Tim discusses the rescheduling of special guests, Probate Cash, for next week and urges callers to keep an eye out for emails and announcements regarding the changes to the conference calls. Bruce briefly goes over updates for this month’s training programs and lets everyone know some training series have restarted for those who would like to join.

05:20 Embrace the Uncertainty

During his morning reading, Chuck comes across the topic of uncertainty in his current read, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, and how it summarizes a lot of what has been going on in the past couple of years as well as its relation to a coaching call he had recently. He talks about the subscribers’ resistance to take action on things they are uncertain about such as following up and sending mail after having a few difficult calls. It’s important to embrace the excitement of uncertainty to build positive momentum in order to help those that need it.

8:10 Add More Tools to Your Arsenal for this Competitive Market

Christian has lost out on his last few deals due to different issues ranging from uncooperative tenants to sellers pricing out of the local price range. Trying to get a hold on the issue, Christian decides to try out new approaches for his deals such as offering owner financing in his current deal for a seller that has priced the home a bit out of range.  The coaches applaud Christian’s versatility and urge the importance of being able to have multiple options for your clients to ensure more than one to get the best deal for them and win over the competition. Chuck ends it off with advice to focus on the goals and create strategies for those goals, lay out the pros and cons for all the possibilities, give clients the options, and do not become too dependent on one particular outcome.

16:20 Probate Cash and the Possibilities

Bob from Florida calls in and is very interested in learning more about the Probate Cash Advance and getting more specifics on how it works. Bob’s first question pertains to receiving clarification on the payment schedule of Probate Cash.  Tim goes on to talk about the renegotiations that have been made with Probate Cash to create a better accelerated payment schedule.  A bit more information is shared about the possibilities of the cash advances and the coaches everyone to tune in next week as they will go more into detail with the team from Probate Cash.

25:45 To Sign or Not to Sign

Cristy is calling from New Jersey with a quick question about a deal she is close to finishing. She has a verbally accepted offer from an off market probate and has set them up with an estate sale at the end of the month but they don’t have their letters of testamentary yet and would like to know if they can still sign now.  The coaches advise to have them sign now and let them know they will need the letters of testamentary at closing.

27:55 Confidence in Calls and Following Up

Richard from New York has been having a few issues with his calls and the coaches help him through them with quick mock call exercises.  The coaches talk about the importance of confidence throughout the conversation especially through the push back.  The coaches go on to discuss how to sound passive and understanding when speaking and the pros to not being definitive with follow up times.

36:50 How Effective is Emailing?

Richard finishes his questioning by asking how effective sending emails can be for probate. The coaches get into the pros, cons, and tips to being effective with emails.  They get into a variety of details including success from emailing attorneys and how to avoid mass email bounce back.

44:00 Easing Back into the Conversation

Alan from Boston has been in brief contact with a potential client that is currently waiting for the probate to be processed by the court. He has made sure to stay in contact at least once or twice a month but would like recommendations on how to ramp up contact without wearing out his welcome as the process reaches completion.  The coaches go over a few ways to stay in contact and follow up from sending letters emphasizing next steps to calling to discuss possible offers for them to be aware of while letting them know you know they are not ready.

52:00 Join the Mastermind Group

The last caller is new to the probate world and is hoping to find an accountability partner and/or conversation partner to help with practicing. The coaches encourage her to join the All the Leads Mastermind group on Facebook which consists of members that role play and practice holding each other accountable. They use foundation dialogue techniques that include a lot of scripts great for plug and play conversations.

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