Company Updates, Extra Phone Numbers and Real Estate Love Letters | Probate Mastermind Episode #357

Recorded Live on December 16, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

Jim, Tim & Bruce share general updates about the company and new lead offerings coming in 2021. Bruce asks everyone to keep an eye on your email for free training and talks about the guarantee. Jim declares that 2022 will be the year that All The Leads lives up to its name.

12:57 Should You Call The Extra P.R. Phone Numbers?

Felix asks about the efficiency of calling the additional phone numbers included with the personal representative. Tim and Bruce chime in to inform the listeners that the extra numbers are there to help you get in touch with the personal representative and are usually the phone numbers of family and those close with the P.R.. If you are not able to get in contact with the PR, those extra numbers are your best bet for who to call next. You may be pleasantly surprised with who you get on the line.

19:08 Praise for Our Dedicated Support and Coaching Staff.

Winston calls in to update the listeners that after feeling completely lost last week he is now on track and has a plan in place that he feels really good about. He urges anyone that feels frustrated or lost to reach out to our awesome support and coaching team.

24:18 There are No Bad Leads.

Bruce tells an amusing story about how incorrect contact information for a lead still turned into a deal. The moral of the story is every contact is worth trying to build a relationship with.

26:30 Real Estate Love Letters Can Come Back to Haunt You.

Tim warns real estate agents to be careful with how they handle buyer “love letters” sent to sellers.

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