Times to Call, Conversion Rates, and Underwriting Deals | Probate Mastermind #353

Recorded Live on November 11, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions – NEW PHONE NUMBER!

Jim shares the new telephone number for all future calls 667-770-1523. Tim reminds us of a great way to get your leads for free! (Hint: it’s the cash advance program!) Bruce tells us about the recently improved ISA program and its new lead guarantee. 

11:15 Timelines and Expectations 

A caller from Boston asks about probate timelines and what expectations to hold when converting a lead. Bruce shares his breakdown on setting reasonable expectations for the amount of time it takes on average for a family to sell a property in probate. Tim tells us that there are often various impediments to the sale of the property in question, elimination of these impediments can sometimes be the key to moving forward. Jim follows up reminding the listeners why they should continue to work those older leads.

20:40 Making a Dialogue Out of an Objection 

Another caller asks about how to figure out when a property has really been sold or not. Bruce tells us that the best practice in this scenario is to extend the conversation and gather more specific information. Jim tells us to change the framework of the conversation and to consider that every lead could also possibly be a buyer. Tim throws out the idea of creating a “fear of missing out” upon hearing this kind of rejection. 

33:33 Best Time of Day for Calling

A listener asks about the best time to stop making phone calls. Bruce lets us know that it will greatly depend on the person, but that generally you will want to stop calling at 7:30pm. Tim tells us that your own experience will generally reveal the best times to call. Jim chimes in with his success of calling during “drive time”.

38:35 Education in the Probate Niche

A caller thanks the Team for all of the help they provide in the probate niche, and asks about the probate foundations course and the coaching calls. Bruce explains the classes and coaching that is offered. 

47:28 Conversion Rates

A quick question from a caller about conversion rates on probate leads. Jim shares his take on the issue. Tim explains that we know our clients are highly successful in their probate markets. Bruce lets us know his personal system and metrics with lead conversion (with the use of an ISA). 

54:30 Underwriting Deals

Kyle from Atlanta asks if going to a small local bank can still be a successful measure for underwriting deals. Jim shares his thoughts on a possible solution.

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