Voicemail Strategies & Probate Fees | Probate Mastermind #340

Recorded Live on August 12, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

Bruce introduces our new coach, Chuck, and reminds everyone about Foundations Roleplay next week. Chuck gives a brief description of his background. Tim talks about some behind the scenes updates to improve the customer experience for All The Leads. Jim talks about the usefulness of the search bar on AllTheLeads.com to find useful content.

9:06 Paying Probate Fees To Get A House Under Contract

Bruce and Chuck talk about this approach, saying that it makes sense as long as the ROI is there. For house rich – cash poor families, paying fees can be a deal maker. Tim talks about lenders, fee amounts and the importance of having an attorney on your team that you trust and your clients can trust.

19:32 Voicemail Strategies & How To Spin A Backfire Call

Rick brings up his voicemail strategies, a backfire story and other concerns. Bruce addresses the call frequency. Some people are going to be annoyed and It’s easy to apologize and move on. Bruce suggests not using the word “list” and being more personable when asking leads to call back. Jim suggests a clever spin when asked “how did you get my number?”.

31:42 Chuck Talks About DIY Probate

Jim mentions the likelihood of people that start probate on their own but end up needing an attorney and how that can be your foot in the door to a partnership with an attorney.

36:35 Probate Fees in California

Probate fees can be around $30k in southern California. Knowing what probate fee’s in your area is useful information for an investor considering to pay the fees to get the property under contract.

41:12 Follow Up CRMs for Ramping Up Business

Bruce breaks down some options for follow up CRMs and price. And the usefulness of dialers.  The team breaks down the value of our leads and how we collect our leads and augment them with the best data possible

49:54 The Importance of Being A Full Service Solution For People Going Through Probate

Bill talks about his “What all can I do for you?” approach and not always bringing up property right away.

53:47 Susan Asks for Help with Her Voicemail Strategy

Bruce goes over voice message strategy. Keeping the first voicemail simple and going into more detail in subsequent voicemails. Keeping the first voicemail vague can help invoke curiosity and get you a call back. While using your elevator pitch in future voicemails can demonstrate your value and services.

56:50 Strategies for Follow up Mailings

Bruce talks about brainstorming and putting yourself in the shoes of a new personal representative. Bruce suggests sending educational pieces of mail to help new personal representatives in areas of what they might not be aware of when settling an estate.

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