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Setting Expectations and Preventing No-Show Appointments | Prospecting Surviving Spouses | Probate Mastermind #315

Recorded Live on February 18, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Accidental Attorney Networking 

David had an expired call this morning and the point of contact was a lawyer. The lawyer mentioned he was interested in carving a niche out of quit claim dates that were fraudulent to target title fraud.  David took this chance to try to build rapport, and while the attorney focuses on criminal law, he was open to referring him to other probate attorneys.

12:57 Appointments: Setting Expectations And Preventing No-Shows.

Federico got the cold shoulder from a personal representative he had an appointment with.  The personal representative followed up with him after the scheduled appointment and asked him to reiterate all that he offers. She has not responded since. Is something odd about this?

22:53 Posted: No Trespassing Signs: Good or Bad?

Offering to post “No Trespassing Signs” on an ancillary probate property is a great strategy to get your foot in the door by providing quick and easy value. However, could doing so signal to outsiders that the house is vacant, and possibly encourage squatters? 

26:04 Adjusting Your Pitch for Leads That Have Completed Probate 

When reaching out to probate leads where the probate case is already closed, should you change your approach? Jim and Bruce both share insights.

33:33 Brainstorming: Email Subject Lines 

Mike and Bruce discuss copy for email subject lines and how to write for different personality types.  In particular what are some headlines you should try using when sending emails to leads you haven’t spoken to yet?

42:49 Marketing Compliance for Licensed Agents 

I’m an agent and investor – How should I include my disclosures in my mail marketing? Bruce describes how he includes subtle disclosures in some of his marketing, but also sends out other campaigns that are more brazenly focused on his real estate services.

44:12 Prospecting Surviving Spouses

What’s the best approach for providing value to surviving spouses when prospecting probate leads? A lot of people shy away from contacting surviving spouses, and many spouses truly believe they will stay in the house. However, most of the time real estate needs become inevitable.  Bruce discusses.

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