Turning Real Estate Clients Into Private Lenders | Going From Referral Agent To Lead Generation Rockstar | + 9 More Q&A | Probate Mastermind #301

Recorded Live on October 22, 2020

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Call Re-cap:

Pre-Foreclosure and Probate Properties: How To Motivate Personal Representatives To Sell (0:49)

Rosie is working with a personal representative who has bad blood with his parents and family. He has a bit of resentment towards his parents for leaving debts behind, and ultimately just wants nothing to do with the pending foreclosure.  However, he has kids and there’s opportunity here to save the equity that’s in the house, turn it into an investment, and pay for his kids’ future college tuition expenses.  Chad and Rosie mastermind through the conversation that needs to be had with the probate seller, as well as what needs to be done to build confidence through legal opinion.

Common Names and Skip Tracing: Finding the Real Heir to Inherited Property (8:04)

Rosie has a lead that’s really excited to speak with her about selling inherited property – But he’s asking all kinds of questions! Something seems off.  Chad suspects this ‘personal representative’ might have a common name and not be the real personal representative at all! Chad advises on how to confirm you’ve got the right person and discusses the nature of skip tracing probate administrators with very common names.

Real Estate Text and Video Marketing – Lion Desk, BombBomb, and Mojo (10:05)

Rosie mentioned the inbound call backs and responses she’s getting are coming from Video Messages she is texting out to her leads as a follow-up.  Chad asks her to break this down in more detail.  Rosie outlines how she uses both Mojo and Lion Desk in her comprehensive real estate lead generation and qualification process.  Bruce and Rosie also discuss BombBomb.  Overall, using text and video messaging for follow-ups to outbound calls with positive dispositions is a simple but powerful strategy.

Best Way to Customize the All The Leads Probate CRM For Real Estate Prospecting (12:12/19:40)

Danny has his hands full trying to manage lead generation and follow-ups to likely sellers. Chad walks him through some of the features of the All The Leads CRM that are designed to make prospecting organized and efficient. Chad gives example short codes and dispositions that can be used to rank and segment leads to optimize time spent prospecting. Bruce and Chad also discuss how setting up this system with consistency means a team of prospectors can call work together and stay on the same page.

Chad also walks Kim through a quick demo of the CRM’s short code feature, step-by-step at 19:40.

DNC and Real Estate Calls (17:04)

Mike is wondering what to do with probate leads that are on the DNC list.  Chad discusses how to weigh your own risks and shares the one story he’s heard in over 7 million cold call dials.  Jim adds how FSBO DNC or other types of real estate DNC calls are different than calling a probate administrator who agreed to be a public representative on public record.

Quitclaim Deeds, Heirship, and Medicaid Liens (21:47)

Kim is working with a client that has power of attorney over his mother’s affairs.  His mother is currently in a nursing home and has willed her property to her son.  They are interested in a quitclaim deed transfer, but Kim is curious if this is a good idea and if there are any repercussions.  Does the son have the authority to make a decision on deed transfer, sale of home? Chad describes it’s normally fine unless Medicaid is in the picture. Chad describes the possible scenarios if Medicaid is involved here. He also describes how the homeowner can pay off Medicaid liens at really low interest rates with a HELOC in this market.

Lead Segmentation For Custom Mail and Calling Campaigns (28:41)

Scott is looking to segment his leads and export them to use in his dialers in different calling campaigns.  In particular, he wants to get letters out to widows/surviving spouses first instead of calling them right away.  Chad walks him through how to do this.

How To Get Started In Probate Real Estate (31:32)

Ron is ready to dive into probate real estate – he wants to start fast and efficiently.  Where should he start? Chad discusses the 3-day Probate Mastery Course.  Jim and Ron discuss staying accountable.

Turning Real Estate Clients Into Private Lenders (37:15)

Thurmon recently asked a client if she was interested in becoming a private lender.  He successfully sold the property she inherited from her mother, and she said she would be interested in becoming a private lender.  However, Thurmon got stuck

What To Do When Heirs Play Tug-Of-War with Inherited Property (43:22)

Dan is trying to either buy or help sell a house a family inherited, but the siblings have no idea what they want to do.  What should you do in a situation like this?

Going From Referrals To Lead Generation (47:38)

Yolanda has been licensed since 2006.  She’s primarily worked off of referrals but is looking to get started with lead generation to fill her pipeline.  What should she do to get started?

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