Probate Mastermind #255

Recorded Live on December 05, 2019

As the holidays approach, don’t be afraid to throw yourself out there ! Some Personal Representatives will appreciate you reaching out now more than ever for a variety of reasons.  Courts slow down, houses in areas with cold weather need to be winterized, tax season is quickly approaching – Get creative with your how you can help and offer your solution with confidence.

Today’s Top Real Estate Discussions:

  • Working Old Leads
  • Mail, Mail, and More Mail!
  • Navigating Deals With Urgency

Call Re-cap

2:33 Dorit is working a probate lead currently where the caregiver falsified a deed and forged it with a fake notary stamp, and now the deed is on title.  A good starting point here is to check with a title company and see what they are pulling with the title, to see if it’s still subject to grantor affidavit.

9:00 Dorit also asks about reverse mortgage situations. Dorit, Jim, and Tim discuss strategies for making sure the time and effort pay off in the end.

18:46 Guisella from California is looking for advice on running a successful mail campaign.  Should I include return addresses? Tim shares why there really isn’t much of a benefit to including a return address. Tim and Jim also discuss how and why you should make your mailers look like personal greetings from the outside so it gets opened.

24:54 Soji joins in the call and looks for advice on working Probate Leads in a highly competitive market.

38:03 Jed is stepping into probate leads and is looking to maximize his marketing dollar.  They discuss using different mailers to garner different open rates, and how you can stretch your marketing dollar across a multi-touch campaign schedule.

46:28 Jed asks about creative financing. He and Jim discuss how probates differ from expireds in that probate property is often.

51:03 Marcus asks about going back and working older leads.  Probate leads season especially well, so this is a good niche for working old leads!

54:45 Ryan is an investor and is wondering if he should sell leads that are better for listings to realtors?  Jim discusses how to determine a seller’s motivation and when a listing would be the most productive solution, to use this to build a B2B relationship with them. Jim also discusses the value in being transparent with sellers about the different price points (Cash offer, as-is, full retail) and how this can win you numerous relationships.

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