Probate Mastermind #247

Recorded Live on October 03, 2019

Today’s Probate Mastermind Takeaways: Big Networking in Small Markets, Maximizing Your Attorney Outreach, and Leveraging Attorneys To Help Your Clients.

Call Re-cap

2:30 Renee asks for advice on building referral relationships with probate attorneys.
4:37 Renee and Chad discuss tips for time management and optimizing productivity
8:39 Renee asks “Should I set up an email drip to attorneys?”
15:00 Renee asks what’s the best crm to keep up with leads?
•BONUS: Renee is in California, but she’s still finding that probate attorneys are shocked to see someone offer this kind of approach to probate!
20:15 Bill asks how to deal with a reverse mortgage in probate.  The first step is checking if there’s equity. If there isn’t equity, look at the short sale option.
24:30 Bill shares his story of getting about 30k net from a deal in which he helped a client who failed to heed the advice of an attorney the year prior to put the house on the market.
28:48 Sajid is a broker and investor. In working with his dad, he’s looking to get probate property lists and start scaling. He is currently seeing a 22% net margin from deals he is getting from the courthouse steps. What should his goal be for Probate? Chad describes how Probate properties tend to be structurally sound properties that might need interior work, such as renovations and upgrading. This makes them great for rentals and flips.  Probate for Wholesaling, renting, flipping, has so much opportunity.  By the way, thank you for complimenting All The Leads as the best resource for probate leads and training!!
40:13 Joyce is looking for some guidance in helping her client petition to the court to be named personal representative to the estate.  Chad advises using a family law attorney to represent the client in a second appearance at court.
44:45 Ben is having trouble pulling his own records and skiptracing because the records do not contain property information. He is in Texas. How can he best use his time and still access the probate property data? This is what we automate, so if you’re having this problem just give us a call!
49:14 Jessie asks for some advice on expanding his reach by reaching out to attorneys first.
53:18 Tiana recently moved to a smaller area from a big city.  She asks “How do you find buyers?” Chad gives some quick tips: Find the title company or real estate attorney who is doing the majority of closings in that market. From the title companies, find out who are the landlords I should know? That’s who you should know.

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