Probate Mastermind #245

Recorded Live on September 19, 2019

Today’s big takeaways: WOW! So many Go-Getters on today’s call! Cold-calling a lead and getting beers together that night, handwriting letters after speaking over the phone, and creative solutions to unique problems with property lines, squatters, and lost contact!

Call Re-cap

3:11 Kyle just sent out some mailers. He did a round of calls last month, just sent some mailers, and jumped back on the phone.  He found someone who needed help with cleanout and the person gave him wonderful feedback for going above and beyond. He got an appointment and has also met with the guy to have some beers! Love this! Great work Kyle!!!!!!

5:58 Kyle asks for some advice on navigating the in-person appointment as a wholesaler. Go with your estate sale guy, get the appraisal for the belongings, then pick up with the seller and say “See it’s that easy! Now let’s talk about cleanout.” Once you clear that conversation, what’s your actual intent with the property? Would you be willing to reinvest the money from the estate sale? Feel him out. Consider taking your broker partner with you.

15:58 Tiana got into wholesaling about 4 months ago and is interested in probate.  She was calling a pre-foreclosure list, and found a situation where the owner is deceased. She found the son, who is the executor of the estate and wants to get rid of the property. How can she find out who has a lien on the property? First thing to figure out: Is it an equity sale or a short sale? Go to the courthouse and pull up the deed record for that property and see what liens are on that property.  If there is not equity, we can help you with the short sale. If there IS equity, then we need to get a timeline established. Is it just Notice of Default? Or is there a sale schedule already?  Try to send the son to check the mailbox!

21:45 Tiana asks: Could this be too much of a headache?  If the personal representative has the authority, you can sign a purchase agreement with him and shoot this out to your buyer’s list to find someone who’ll take it even with a potential squatter.

26:35 Jim from Jersey is trying to get through to an attorney to make a probate sale happen.  Chad gives him some best practice tips.

30:53 Jim asks for advice on handling the “We’ve got it all handled!” objection. Here is a good resource: https://youtu.be/j-OnEg_nC_A

35:12 Michael asks about prospecting for vendor services. Chad advises: Find out if they’re also after real property themselves. Even if they are in brokerage themselves, make sure your agreement is strong. Jim advises to make sure it’s a reciprocal relationship!

41:35 Joyce is going to try working some older leads. Will they remember since it was so long ago? Chad advises sending letters if her budget allows, as she will be the only person still sending a letter out.  This is likely to lead to some “come list me!” inbound calls. It will also warm up her calls.

43:08 Angela from Virginia has a property under contract, but somehow the property lines got changed (street names got changed), but there is no record on file. The seller is being represented by an attorney and the attorney says there’s nothing they can do. Is there a PLAT map that shows the street? Have you tried talking to a Post Master, fire and rescue? Somebody has to have a record. Try looking at the GIS and see if any other properties have transferred with the current street name and contact those agents/title companies and ask for more information. If these strategies don’t work, try finding an attorney instead of a title company if you’re willing to move that deal away from your current title company. The attorney is likely better adapted to navigate this situation.

51:35 Willie shares his story of how he went through all his historical leads and saw other people were getting his sales. This motivated him to get more aggressive and serious in this leg of business. It’s been a week and a half and he’s already got an acquisition and a listing!!!!! Willie shares his results/numbers from his broadcast. 75% of his message were listened to and a 3% inbound response! Woohoo!!

57:45 Willie shares his success story with sending his probate emails. One went to an attorney, and the attorney forwarded it to the personal representative. Willie details his Bomb-Bomb email campaign.

•Will gives the advice: Take the 30 minutes to to put your strategy in place! It’s worth it!

1:00:50 Colette Mayers shouts out Bomb-Bomb as well.

1:01:51 Colette has also implemented a script for when she gets call backs from ISA calls and it’s been working really well!.

1:02:52 Colette details how a personal representative gave great feedback on the professional presentation of her brochures, her phone calls, and the hand written letters she sent after speaking to them over the phone. Great idea to send the handwritten note!

1:04:48 Colette shares her success story of getting 4 deals from one solid relationship foundation! WOOHOO!!!!

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