Probate Mastermind #234

Recorded Live on June 27, 2019

Finding a realtor who understands wholesaling deals, prospecting leads that are currently IN the estate planning process, and getting into wholesaling AS an agent!  Great participation from a wonderfully diverse group.

Resources mentioned in this call:

  1. How, as an agent or a newbie, can I get into the wholesaling side of things? Visit www.NationalRIA.com and find your local chapter.  Go to one of the meetings!
  2. Interested in more content on Wholesaling? Check out Ty The Flipman on YouTube! Here is the collaboration he and Chad did specific to flipping probate properties: https://youtu.be/skpZl77HMLw

Call Re-cap

  • 1:20 Shevon is new to real estate overall. She is curious about Probate Mastery. Is Probate Mastery viable for beginners? What is the Fast Track training and what is the difference?
  • 6:28 Shevon also asks about building a team. What’s the best way to find a good realtor who understands investing/wholesaling and is willing to work with investors/wholesalers? Find someone who understands the intersection of equity
  • 11:07 David Pannell is going through affidavits of heirship – Meaning the families are currently in estate planning. About 20% are looking to transfer real estate now, before the owner passes.  Chad coaches on how to adjust the probate script to reflect the needs of families going planning for life’s transitions.
  • 22:50 Clayton is calling in to ask about some objections as well as approaching sellers/agents who have had their homes listed for a long time from the position of a wholesaler.
  • 31:21 JoAnn shares her success story! She sent out a round of letters and a brochure, and got a response by email from someone who needs help selling and listing. She brought an investor from her office who made an offer and it was accepted! Chad asks how she monetized it for herself; she represented her for a 2% commission on a $600,000 deal.  She has two others in the pipeline and the feedback from clients reflects the value of her service-oriented approach
  • 40:50 John is a successful wholesaler who is getting into probate.  John asks what to do when a deal has a lot of heirs with a stake, especially when some of them can’t be reached?
  • 52:58 Edwena Potter calls in. She’s a licensed agent who is interested in doing some work as a wholesaler! What are some resources and best tips for getting started?
  • 57:59 Jim Forsythe joins in and asks about affidavit of heirship – The buyer’s closing attorney will not accept the “to our knowledge there is no debt.”  Find a title company that’s will.
  • 01:02:11 Lance is curious about hiring a cold-caller to help him in his business.  What do you recommend for timing cold-calls with mailings? Tim goes over how we set up our Mailbox Motivator and ISA Calling Services to work as a system.
  • 01:07:10 David Pannell jumps back on looking to network with Edweena Potter! Awesome

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