Probate Mastermind #219

Recorded Live on March 14, 2019

In our weekly Probate Mastermind calls, real estate agents, investors, and related professionals join All The Leads partners Chad Corbett and Jim Sullivan to ask questions and seek advice about different chokepoints they come across in nurturing their probate leads. Learn how to overcome common and not-so-common objections from personal representatives who may be facing some difficult decisions regarding inherited property. Our approach is to help professionals establish themselves as THE probate specialist in their market(s), providing comprehensive, value-oriented services to clients by working with a network of local vendors to meet any need a prospect has.


• I am a real estate agent and now I am also an investor. I just got a deal from one of my probate leads and it was easy to do the transaction. It helped to position myself as a Probate Specialist that can deal with all issues personal representatives might come across. I met with a probate and wills and trusts attorney and he recommended we use guardianships as a potential lead source too.

•This is my first time on the call. I am not a subscriber, but I am interested in learning what we can offer to him as a real estate investor. Our done-for-you marketing platform works great for investor leads.

•As a building contractor, I am interested in this program. What kind of conversion rate can I expect?

•Darci spoke to a lady yesterday that has 6 siblings. 5 of the siblings want to sell and the 6th does not want to sell and she has some mental challenges. What should I do?

•Question on the ROI calculator.

•Investors seem to be very aggressive in my market and are getting to the PRs before we do. Why is this happening? Get upstream on them via your resource team.

•I am having difficulty in using the full positioning of a probate specialist to the PR. It is easier for me to directly deal with the real estate as an investor. What is the down side of this approach? Are you going to offer emails? Digital marketing is a better option.

•Recent subscriber and just got new leads. I noticed that a few of the attorneys have several probates. Should I focus on the attorneys more? Both marketing to the PRs and attorneys is the best approach. Should we use text marketing?

•Rick has questions on the Do Not Call legend in the CRM area under Attorneys. Information on how LeadFollow works.

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