Probate Mastermind #137

Recorded Live on August 03, 2017

Call Summary:

  • Interview with Julie Hall, Executive Director of the American Society of Estate Liquidators . We discuss how the real estate industry and estate sale industry can work together to provide a higher level of service and mutually benefit each other.
  • Prospective Subscriber asks about our system.
  • Barb shares her 1 week experience of putting her team together and setting up her first campaign.
  • Dan, an estate sale professional, asks Julie how to find the right REALTOR(S) to partner with
  • Gail shares an early success story about how she earned a $1.2MM+ listing and has another on deck already
  • What’s the #1 mistake real estate professionals make when choosing an estate sale company? Julie shares 3 things each real estate pro should ask prospective partners.
  • What are 3 personal property types every real estate pro should call in an estate sale pro to appraise before making any decisions?

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