Probate Mastermind #129

Recorded Live on June 08, 2017

Call Summary:

  • Jeff shares a strange scenario and how he handled it. Next we discuss Facebook advertising to PRs. Lastly, he updates us on his commercial listing from his first mailing.
  • Al asks when to leave a voicemail and when is the best time to call. Next, we discuss how to handle a tough PR who interrupts or hangs up on you.
  • Rich shares how following the letter with a phone call makes all the difference in the world.
  • What are some skip-tracing sites to use to find emails?
  • Marcus asks when to call after mailing and we direct him to the best resources
  • What is the best way to connect with other ATL Subscribers to share referrals?
  • Can an unlicensed assistant make calls for you? Should you use a return address?
  • Why you ALWAYS get the listing signed ASAP and how to handle a vendor who is “stealing” your listing.
  • How to choose your letter, how to set up your team and how often to follow up.

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