Probate Mastermind #123

Recorded Live on April 27, 2017

Call Summary:

  • How to tell if a probate contains real estate. How to monetize those that don’t contain real estate.
  • Should you call if the deceased last address was a nursing home? Should you call a surviving spouse? Why you SHOULD call those who lived in apartments. Mail questions.
  • A new-to-probate agent shares how his action has resulted in some great relationships with attorneys. He challenges us to come up with a sign rider idea for a home his seller is flipping. My suggestion is “Flippin’… Coming Soon” Jeff
  • Are our probate leads good for investors?
  • How to use the CRM. How to market to attorneys in person and on LinkedIn
  • A new subscriber tells us how DOING is going to produce results where OVERTHINKING just overcomplicates.
  • How to get to the family before the real estate is sold in a competitive market.
  • A story on how a property in a Living Trust still found its way onto a probate list and got listed. How is data gathered?

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