Probate Mastermind #102

Recorded Live on December 01, 2016

Call Summary:

  • Hear why you SHOULD prospect during the holidays
  • Hear some ideas on what you can do in addition to the 3 letter/3 call approach to get better results.
  • Hear Chris, a new subscriber, in a SUPER competitive market talk about taking 2 listings right off the bat and earning a 3rd from the estate sale company he is working with. Hear his plan to actively prospect estate sale companies, probate attorneys and nursing homes to show them how his service can serve both them and their clients. #ProvideValueFirst
  • Hear Bud talk about an even better marketing piece provided by Rodger that you can find in the All The Leads Mastermind Facebook group under “Files”.
  • Hear why we don’t have traditional scripts and what tools we DO provide to help you build successful language.

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