Leads Subscription Terms and Conditions

Description of Service

All The Leads (ATL) provides lead generation and related marketing systems. Your ATL leads subscription may include but is not limited to:
  • Collection and delivery of your subscription lead data
  • Access to our secure CRM for managing your leads
  • Individual and Group Coaching calls
  • Weekly National Mastermind call
  • Access to our members-only, closed Facebook group
This list of services is subject to change as we add new features and products.

Subscription Term

Your subscription begins when your first subscription payment is processed and remains active for a minimum of 2 months until canceled by you.


Your card will be charged today in advance for collecting lead data in your subscribed county. On the date the data collected for your subscription has been delivered to your account (Estimated Lead Delivery Date), we will automatically process your payment to begin collecting data for the next Estimated Lead Delivery Date. Depending on your Estimated Lead Delivery Date, this may result in two charges within the first month and will line up for one charge per month on the Estimated Lead Delivery Date thereafter. Example where the Estimated Lead Delivery Date is on or about the 16th of each month and you are signing up on June 3rd:
  • Charged at sign up in advance for the 1st set of leads on June 3rd
  • Charged in advance for the 2nd set of leads on the initial Estimated Lead Delivery Date of June 16th
  • Charged in advance for the 3rd set of leads on the next Estimated Lead Delivery Date of July 16th and so on with one charge each month when your new set of leads are delivered
Depending on the specific lead product and the Estimated Lead Delivery Date for your subscription county, there may be lead data available immediately that you can choose to receive when you start your subscription. By subscribing, you are authorizing All the Leads to securely store your payment method(s) and to automatically process your payment. You can edit your payment information at any time in your subscriber account. If your primary payment method fails, you authorize us to charge any other payment method you have furnished to us. If you haven’t provided a backup payment method and you fail to provide payment, or if all payment methods in your account fail, your subscription will be suspended until payment can be made. In the event your account is suspended for non-payment, you will continue to have access to login to your subscriber account for 3 months and will be able to view and download the data you have previously received but no further leads will be delivered.


You can cancel your subscription at any time after the first two payments have been made by contacting our support team in writing at support@alltheleads.com. If you cancel your subscription before we deliver your collected data, we will deliver the data you have already paid for and cancel your subscription renewal with no further subscription charges. You will continue to have access to your subscriber account for 3 months and will be able to view and download the data you have previously received.

Refund Policy

After we process the payment for collecting your next set of leads, you have a 10-day grace period to cancel the next data collection and receive a refund. If you cancel your subscription within the 10-day grace period, we will cancel your subscription renewal and refund the payment that was processed for the collection of your next set of leads. If you cancel your subscription after the 10-day grace period, we will cancel your subscription renewal and deliver the data we collected for you. You will not receive a refund for a subscription canceled after the 10-day grace period. You will not incur any further charges for data collection on the canceled subscription. Payment for leads that have already been delivered to you is non-refundable.

Estimated Number of Leads

The estimated number of leads available to collect for your subscription is based on an average for the county and is not a minimum guarantee. The actual number of leads collected for each delivery will vary based on many factors such as number of filings, seasonality, market conditions and availability. We regularly review the average number of leads we collected and adjust the expected estimates as needed and notify you of any changes.

Estimated Lead Delivery Dates

Your subscription has an Estimated Lead Delivery Date to let you know when we expect to be able to deliver new lead data to your account. The Estimated Lead Delivery Date should be considered an “on or about” date and may be exact or vary slightly in a given month. We will make every effort to deliver your lead data within 5 business days of the Estimated Lead Delivery Date. If we anticipate the delivery will be more than 5 days later than the estimated delivery date, we will notify you via email about the delay and provide an updated estimated delivery date. Email notifications will be sent to the lead delivery notification email address specified on your subscriber account.

Data Quality Assurance

Our commitment to data quality:
  • We strive to provide as much complete and accurate data as possible for each lead. The amount of data that we can collect for each lead can vary by lead type and county.
  • All phone numbers provided are automatically checked against the National Do Not Call list and are clearly marked.
  • All addresses provided are validated with USPS to ensure a high level of deliverability.
While we make every effort to ensure every lead has complete and accurate data, it is not possible to guarantee 100% accuracy. A percentage of data inaccuracy is expected. If we deliver lead data to you with a higher than normal level of inaccuracy, we will work with you to determine the reasons for the inaccuracy and/or provide any other information as needed.


We use a variety of communication methods to inform and educate our subscribers including email, sms text messages, phone, and direct mail. By subscribing, you are authorizing us to communicate with you using these methods to share information with you.