Probate Principles & Practices

Principles & Practices It is the first Advanced Level course in the Probate Mastery Series & taught by Bruce Hill at Probate Mastery. You can take Principles & Practices independently OR for free if you purchase the Probate Mastery On-Demand certification course. 

This course adds to the foundation you started building with Probate Foundations & prepares you for your first real action steps in the Probate Niche. Implementing the techniques and principles you learn here will have you seeing small wins and taking solid steps to building a real business in the Probate space. 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the legal elements that go into the Probate Process
  • Establish and take action steps to set up your business by focusing on the 3 key areas of niche development
  • Identify & Onboard your first team members that will revolutionize your client offering and service
  • Dig deeper into your businesses Unique Selling Proposition and take the initial action steps to promote your USP in an irresistible way
  • Discover how to delicately and impactfully open your phone conversations and deliver your USP in a way that fills your pipeline with Hot Leads


Sep 27 2023


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm