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We are excited to offer complete Social Media Marketing services as part of our complete Leads & Marketing System for Probate, Pre-Probate, and Divorce!

Our team of experts will help you establish a strong digital presence, create content and graphics, and even post on your behalf.

Do I Need to Be On Social Media?

Is the sky blue?! All jokes aside, having a social media presence for your business is no longer optional. If social media isn’t a part of your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a quick, affordable, and efficient way to connect with roughly half of the world’s population – but most importantly, the audience in your own back yard that are crucial to your growth.

With our Social Motivator™ services, we will help you increase the effectiveness of your Direct Mail and Call campaigns by reinforcing your message and increasing the likelihood of your target audience taking action!

Okay, But is My Audience On Social Media?

Absolutely! According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2021, approximately 69% of adults between the ages of 40 and 49 use social media in the United States. For adults between the ages of 50 and 64, the percentage drops slightly to 63%. And for adults between the ages of 65 and 74, the percentage is 45%.

Example of a Facebook post with an image and a text box featuring a list of ways a real estate agent can assist their client with selling an inherited property.

Plans For Every budget

We are flexible so that you can be, too! Start BIG and make some noise ASAP!
Or, start where you’re comfortable and grow your efforts over time.

 Additional Services

A La Carte: Commitment issues? Purchase one-off items/ services as you need them!

Add-Ons: Give your selected Social Motivator package a boost and add some extras at a discounted price!

* Quote will be given based on time needed to create graphic/video needed.


A La Carte

Add-On ~30% OFF

Facebook Page Creation $130 $90
Google Business Page Creation $145 $100
Instagram Page Creation $100 $70
Custom Post – Static, Includes Caption Starting at $30* Starting at $20*
Custom Post – 30sec Video/Animated, Includes Caption Starting at $75* Starting at $50*
Custom Post – 60sec Video/Animated, Includes Caption Starting at $130* Starting at $90*
Blog Post – 500 Words $65 $45
Blog Post – 1000 Words $95 $66
Blog Post – 1500 Words $145 $100
Blog Post – 2000 Words $200 $140


CHECK availabILITY in YOUR county & save 25% on your first month!

Ready to go? Have Questions?

Cohesive Branding is Key!

    • We incorporate your brand colors from your logo & website’s color scheme to give you a unified digital presence.
    • Along with industry related content, we also work in imagery that represents your local area that your clients can relate to.
    • We keep geographical relevance in mind. Located by the ocean? We’ll make sure your content doesn’t include mountaintop chalets or desert-style homes.
    • If you have certain verbiage or a mission statement that is important to your brand, we’ll make sure to work that into your social presence where it makes sense.

    • Having a strong brand can really set you apart from the competition – all too often that element of marketing a business is overlooked. A credible and recognizable brand with a professional and uniform look can propel your business leaps & bounds in the eyes of the beholder!

Direct Mail + Social Media = CREDIBILITY

Direct mail campaigns combined with social media content can be a powerful marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. By using direct mail to target specific demographics and social media to amplify your message and engage with your audience, you can create a cohesive and multi-channel marketing campaign that drives results.

Combine & Conquer!

A study by MarketingSherpa found that 76% of people trust advertising they receive in the mail more than any other form of advertising. Social media can be used to position your business as an authority in your industry by sharing relevant and informative content, offering tips and advice, and showcasing your expertise.

Combining the power of both of these tools, along with your phone calls, and a strong brand focused on your niche – chances are you will blow your competition out of the water!



Easily & securely connect profiles

To avoid unnecessary sharing of sensitive passwords, we simplify the procedure by enabling you to securely link your profiles to our platform – we never see your passwords!


We’ll provide in-depth reports for each platform to give you a clear picture of how your clients engage with you on social. Optimize your campaigns & maximize your marketing dollars!


Easily manage direct messages & social media comments in individual feeds. Use your inbox to see all incoming engagements and filter them by profile to make responding a breeze – never miss a chance to engage!

show off your website on social

We will cross-promote your website at every opportunity. Expand the value of that investment by putting your site in front of more people in your local market, drive more traffic and covert more prospects!




Having an active presence on social media platforms shows that your business is modern and relevant, as it indicates that you are keeping up with the times and engaging with customers where they spend their time.



Social media can be a great tool for showing clients the “behind-the-scenes” of your business, from introducing staff to sharing information about products or services. This transparency can help build trust with potential customers and show that you have nothing to hide.

3. Customer Service

Social media allows businesses to interact with customers and respond to their questions, concerns, and feedback in real-time. Prompt and helpful responses can demonstrate your business’s commitment to providing good customer service.

4. social proof

Social media can provide social proof of your business’s credibility by showcasing positive reviews, testimonials, and feedback from satisfied customers. Use your online presence to show that you walk the walk!

5. Authority

Social media can be used to position your business as an authority in your industry by sharing relevant and informative content, offering tips and advice, and showcasing your expertise.



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